Vishal Agarwal

Head Analyst

After concluding his education as a Graduate from BMM (Advertising), Vishal started his trading journey in 2011 and as necessary, suffered losses in early days, but never lost hope, Vishal believes, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” and thus he kept fighting hard to achieve his dreams.

He continued his research to simplify the dynamics of Stock Market so as to make this knowledge available to aspiring Traders. Through his own experimentation of trial and error, Vishal has gained experience that he has ,so far, showered upon more 400 traders in past 2 years.

Today, He is a Full Time Intraday Trader & firmly believes in the ideology that “To really make money in stock market, one should have Focus, Patience, Capital Management, and Strategies,  Not Accuracy!”

Vishal has coined a Turtle Stratgey (not as per the strategy Of Richard), which uses Price Action to trade in Equity Market and Commodity market.  He believes in Money Management with Proper Risk Reward Ratio 1:2, is the only key to Survive and Excel in Stock Market.

We at Turtle Strategy, Use technical algorithms to trade positional in Nifty futures & Equity Market. We are a one-stop source for the investors around the world and cater to their financial investment needs.

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