Qualified Market Trader (QMT) is an advanced online program in technical trading. Objective of QMT is to pick high-probability trade set-ups which generate immediate income. Certain degree of basic understanding of the subject of technical analysis is needed to make the most of QMT. Different trading strategies like that of Trend Following, Swing and Contrarian are shared in QMT and to have a practical experience this entire program is conducted on IRIS+ Software, a FREE demo of which will be given to you. You will be in a position to code trading strategies without the need to learn any computer language.


Q: Do I need to know basic technical analysis to attend QMT?


Yes. QMT is an advanced program and to make the most of it, one should have prior understanding of basic technical analysis like what is a moving average, rsi etc. Once you enroll for QMT, we will give you a FREE access to our course on basic technical analysis. These videos will prepare you better to understand and appreciate QMT.

Q: Can I attend QMT Offline in a classroom?


orry. QMT is a purely online program. We do conducted one day crash courses in trading through 10XBootCamp. Feel free to check www.10xbootcamp.asia.

Q: What is the duration of QMT?


Qualified Market Trader is conducted over 6 sessions of 2 hours each, that is, a total of 12 hours. Classes are held over Saturdays & Sundays, 4-6pm. One session is conducted during Live Market Hours, which is held on a weekday. To know the exact routine of the upcoming QMT, please check the schedule at the end of www.qmtonline.in.

Q: I am a newcomer/ fresher in the field of technical analysis. Can i attend QMT?


Yes you can, but before that you will need some preparations. Once you enroll for QMT, we will give you a FREE access to our course on basic technical analysis. These videos will prepare you better to understand and appreciate QMT.

Q: What are the concepts taught in QMT?


QMT focuses purely on technical trading strategies which are of 3 types – Breakout, Swing & Contrarian. These concepts will be explained through well-defined set-ups which will help you to pick stocks with exact entry and exit levels.

Q: Can I use these strategies in other asset classes like Commodities & Currency?


Yes. All trading strategies shared in QMT can be implemented in all asset classes.

Q: How can I clear any of my doubt after the course is over?


Once you are a part of QMT, you always stay a part of QMT. You will be added to a private QMT channel in Telegram wherein you can share and ask any doubt pertaining to the market and your learning. Its a very active channel of passionate traders who share their inputs and make the overall experience valuable.

Q: Do I get any course material?


Yes. All classes of QMT are recorded and shard with you in a private YouTube Channel. You will have access to these videos lifelong.

Q: Do I get to see a sample of QMT Session?


Yes, couple of videos from earlier QMT batches are there on YouTube. Please check -> https://goo.gl/SLq85t.

Q: Why we give a demo of Spider Software?


We believe learning become better with implementation and practice. So we allow a free demo of the IRIS+ Software, based on which you will be able to understand and code the strategies without knowing anything about computer language. This exercise is done so that you understand the concepts clearly.

Q: Do we have to purchase the IRIS+ Software to attend QMT?


No. The IRIS+ Software is used just to make you understand the concepts. There is no necessity for you to purchase this software.

Q: What is the fees for QMT?


Rs.25,000 inclusive of GST.

Q: When is the next batch of QMT starting?


To know the schedule for the next QMT, please check the timetable at the end of this page -> www.qmtonline.in

Q: How do I enroll for QMT?


To enroll please click here to make the payment. You can also visit www.QmtOnline.in

Q: I need to know/ ask more .. how do I connect with you?


Feel free to call

Q: What is your Refund Policy?


“All products purchased are subject to Terms & Conditions stated on this website. All Disputes Subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction.”

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